Funding Line 2

Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform

Project Name Viral Times 2.0: Standing Her Ground
Commisioned by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country Nigeria
Implementing Organisation Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP) –
Duration November 2021 – April 2023

The Challenge

High Unemployment of Youth: The unemployment rate for young people below 35 years in South Africa is twice as high as the overall national rate. Many young people lack the requisite level of education as well as basic computer skills to enter the labour market.

COVID-19 Pandemic led to Job Losses: The high unemployment rates have been further exacerbated by COVID-19 as the country recovers from the impact of the pandemic. During the pandemic, the unemployment rate rose drastically, affecting those groups who were already left behind in the labour market: people with lower education, people in poverty, black Africans, and informal workers – with women being disproportionally affacted, putting them at a ‘double disadvantage’.

The Objective

The project aims to reduce the unemployment rate amongst young people in South Africa by creating opportunities and supporting access to the job economy. Disadvantaged youth gain digital capacities and technical skills to be successful in the South African IT sector. In doing so, the project addresses the skills shortage in the ICT sector, while contributing to the empowerment of previously left behind young people.

The Target Group

The programme targets out-of-school, unemployed young people aged between 18 – 35 years from townships and informal settlements in South Africa. Young women are especially targeted for this program as they are particularly vulnerable.

About CMAP

CMAP mobilized in 2009 as an urgent response to an outbreak of violent mass demolitions and forced evictions in Port Harcourt. CMAP’s mission is to help waterfront slum communities of  Port Harcourt seen, heard and acknowledged as equal citizens with a vital role to play in shaping their city.


The Approach

Providing Learning Opportunities: Afrika Tikkun equipped five centres and identified further public and private partners and public spaces like libraries or partnering organisations where youth can access to computers, internet and other resources needed to access the training courses.

Career Development and Placement: Four cohorts, each comprising 150 candidates, are trained for twelve months within the Career Development and Placement (CDP) programme. The CDP consists of basic computer skills including general operation and common programmes like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. The second training step covers digital skills such as information generation and communication. Also, virtual collaboration tools and cloud-based platforms are provided for cooperation and communication purposes.

Employment Opportunities and Work Placements: After gaining the basic skills, the participants are trained in the most highly ranked in-demand professional IT roles in South Africa which are Desktop Support Technician, Junior Software Developer and Data Analyst. Therefore, Afrika Tikkun has identified several IT companies that will host candidates for work experience in selected fields once they have completed their training.

The Results

  1. 25 community members are trained in media production to build a female-led production team
  2. Over 15 waterfront community profiles including community histories and maps of community boundaries, structures, and infrastructure are completed
  3. A pilot renewable energy system installed, and 15 persons got trained in performing maintenance in the renewable energy system
  4. Over 15 public health and demolition advocacy programmes including radio programmes, photo essays, songs and videos got produced and disseminated

I am a singer, mapper, journalist, and technician with Chicoco. I couldn’t afford University, but with all I have learned in Chicoco and all the hands-on experience, I have come to know more than most graduates. I do my work with boldness and with joy. I imagine and dream about my future and the future of the project together. I see myself presenting in the Chicoco Studios, people hearing my voice on Chicoco Radio, singing, and acting, making unheard voices heard. Letting marginalised waterfront dwellers know that they can achieve far better than me if they take bold steps as I have.

Comfort Morris