Funding Line 1

SDGs Kenya Forum, hosted by Development Initiatives

Project Name Strengthening the Mandate of the Inter-Agency Techical Working Group in the SDGs Implementation in Kenya
Commisioned by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country Kenya
Implementing Organisation SDGs Kenya Forum, hosted by Development Initiatives –
Duration April 2022 – September 2023

The Challenge

SDG Implementation via Medium-Term Development Plans: Kenya is committed to achieving the SDGs which are implemented through successive five-year Medium-Term Development Plans (MTPs). In 2018, the Government prioritized the “Big 4 Agenda”, which focuses on food security and nutrition, universal health coverage, affordable housing and manufacturing. However, a structural review and research plan on contributions and progress of the strategies has not been conducted.

Establishment of a Multi-Stakeholder Secretariat: Close collaboration between government and other stakeholders create space for joint planning, prioritisation and funding of activities through innovative approaches. Therefore, the Inter-Agency Technical Working Committee (IATWC) was established in 2016 as a national multi-stakeholder secretariat. It coordinates thematic caucuses that consist of key ministries, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and the National Youth Council, civil society and the private sector. The SDG Kenya Forum co-chairs the IATWC. Joint capacity building strategies and research remain a challenge but are highly relevant as both form the basis for further policy implementation.

The Objective

The project aims to strengthen synergies between the different stakeholders to enhance joint efforts through an accelerated plan for SDG implementation. The project strengthens the overall mandate of the Inter-Agency Technical Working Group to improve decision-making and reporting processes, increase accountability and create a shared understanding of challenges and solutions.

The Target Group

The project targets government bodies at national and county levels, development partners (especially those involved discourse on the SDGs) and Kenyan citizens, especially to reach those left behind.

About Development Initiatives

Development Initiatives (DI) works in Kenya to improve the accessibility and use of data and evidence on people, poverty and resources by all actors working in development and crisis management. Its ultimate goal is to enable better informed planning, policy making and reporting to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

About SDG Kenya Forum

The SDG Kenya Forum is a voluntary membership entity open to civil society organizations, government entities, academia, media and the private sector that subscribe to the value of the 2030 Agenda. Its mission is to influence multi-stakeholder policies and actions for the achievement of the SDGs.


The Approach

Enhancing Data Use Mechanisms: The project promotes the collection and use of data by various stakeholders for policy advice to support the achievement of the SDGs in partnership with non-state organizations, academia and the private sector. This will result in the development of quality policies to help achieve the SDGs.

Stories of Change:  The project seeks to document stories of change and engage in peer review processes showcasing best practices of SDG implementation through documentaries. By working with the media, advocacy efforts to improve policies and public services to achieve the SDGs will be strengthened and result in increased awareness at both national and county governments.

Capacity Building for IATWC-Members: The capacities for mainstreaming, reporting, localisation, and implementation of the SDGs of various stakeholders are built through joint-coalition actions. This will equip and inform implementers with appropriate sustained knowledge for implementation of the SDGs. This will ensure that the IATWC is supported and informed by joint-coalition actors forthe implementation of the SDGs.

The Results

  1. A biannual report on SDG implementation and localisation is released
  2. A documentary in written and video form on best practices of SDG implementation is produced
  3. 3 trainings for IATWG members on SDG reporting and localisation strategies are conducted
  4. 4 policy dialogues in four counties and 1 national dialogue on SDGs implementation strategies and dissemination of SDGs