Funding Line 1

Institute for Development Policy

Project Name SDG Bridge – Connecting Local and National Actors for Sustainable Development
Commisioned by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country Kosovo
Implementing Organisation Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) –
Duration November 2021 – April 2023

The Challenge

Missing Links at Local and National Level: In 2018, the Kosovo Assembly established a Sustainable Development Council to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) nationally and locally. However, the concept of SDGs at the local level is still new. Moreover, many policies are not sufficiently coordinated between the central and local levels. More needs to be done in systematically integrating goals and combining SDGs indicators and targets with Municipal Development Strategies.

The Potential of the SDGs: The SDGs can serve as framework and instrument for evaluating policy planning and development progress on national and local level. The momentum during COVID-19 is specifically important to ensure that new policy packages and recovery plans are also utilized to include SDGs.

The Objective

The main objective is to enshrine the SDGs in the COVID-19 recovery policy framework of Kosovo. By promoting localization, implementation, and monitoring mechanisms at the local level, a bridge of communication and support is built between central level policies and local initiatives.

The Target Group

At the central level, INDEP works closely with the Council for Sustainable Development and Green Caucus in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

At the local level, INDEP works intensively with four selected municipalities. At the same time, the Association of Kosovo Municipalities is a target group.


The Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) is a think tank and an advocacy centre established in 2011. As an association of policy analysts, researchers, and civil society activists it provides independent research-based policy solutions.

Its mission is to strengthen and guide sustainable socio-political and economic development based on the principles of democracy and democratic values, equal opportunities, social and environmental justice, and human rights.


The Approach

Intensive Research Work and Advocacy Efforts: INDEP meets institutions of central and local levels regulary to contribute to comprehensive research work. INDEP also conducts desk research and literature reviews to provide comparative examples of how to improve the economic, social and environmental situation in Kosovo.

Capacity Building and Joint Workshop: Four municipalities are engaged in an Inter-municipal Sustainability Hub that provides an opportunity for municipal officials to expand their knowledge on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The Hub is conducted in Albania as a study visit to enable participants from foreign municipalities to exchange knowledge and learn from a Voluntary Local review, that was conducted in an Albania municipality previously. In addition, five roundtables will engage participants and other community members in direct discussions with central level representatives. A joint workshop between the National SDG council and the Association of Kosovo Municipalities sets the basis for joint collaboration between the actors.

Awareness-raising Campaign: The results of the activities so far and further information about the 2030 Agenda are presented in two videos on social media. A podcast series will also be launched on seven radio stations to inform citizens on ways they can engage themselves in local initiatives that promote SDGs. In addition, the first SDG tracking software platform of the municipality of Drenas will be maintained and enriched.

The Results

  1. 8 research reports with more than 50 recommendations advocating the 2030 Agenda are conducted
  2. 6 roundtable discussions of Kosovo’s SDG Council and the Association of Kosovo Municipalities
  3. 30 municipal officials participate in the “Intermunicipal Sustainability Hub” and expand their knowledge on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs
  4. 2 audio-visual materials and 7 podcasts in SDGs are produced and shared on social media and radio station