Frequently asked questions

Which countries are German development cooperation partner countries?

All cooperation countries are listed here: Reform strategy BMZ 2030 | BMZ. All partner countries listed are eligible.

Can one organisation/institution submit more than one application and/or apply to both funding lines?

In principle, yes. Each application will be assessed individually and against the whole group of applicants.

Can international NGOs apply for funding?

Yes, international non-governmental organisations can apply for the second line of funding within the Recover Better Support Fund (Leaving no one behind and strengthening socio-economic resilience). In order to be eligible, they must have registered offices at one of the partner countries of Germany’s development cooperation (see the list of all countries here). If this is not the case, INGOs can also be listed as co-applicants for an application submitted by a local partner NGO. Multilateral organisations are not eligible for funding.

Is there any standard definition of the legal status of international NGOs?

No, this is very different depending on the jurisdiction and tax system in each country.


Can GIZ projects apply?

Neither bilateral nor sectoral/global GIZ projects are eligible to apply. For more information on specific eligibility criteria of each funding line, visit the sections devoted to Funding line 1 and Funding line 2.

Are joint submissions (with co-applicants) possible?

Only one organisation (and no more than one) can apply to the Recover Better Support Fund (i.e. one organisation pro application). Organisations can have implementing partners, and these must be listed in the application form. However, only the organisation submitting the application is responsible for the project’s implementation.

In which languages can applications be submitted?

Applications must be submitted in English.

Is it possible to apply for funding below EUR 80.000 / above EUR 180.000?

No, it is not. 

Are there specific eligibility criteria (i.e., number of beneficiaries, project's scope of reach) for extended funding applications (up to EUR 180.000)?

No, there are not. Extended funding applications will be evaluated against the same criteria. Organisations willing to apply for extended funding must however demonstrate adequate implementation capacities. Proof of the implementation of projects with a similar funding volume might be requested. 

Does co-funding present an advantage in applying?

No, it does not.

What must be the applicant's own contribution (% of the contribution) and should this be in-kind or in cash?

There is no specific own contribution required.  

Is in-kind contribution valid as co-funding?

Yes, but please give a figure and describe the in-kind contribution in your project proposal. The budget proposal template includes dedicated budget lines for own funds/ third party financing. 

Can partner organizations receive financial support for their engagement in project activities?

Yes, they can. The implementing organisation can forward part of the funds to partners engaged in project activities. However, there is only one implementing organisation responsible for the project’s implementation and this is the recipient of the Grant Agreement, i.e. GIZ’s contract partner. Please take into consideration that funds can only be of the grant to another organization. All participating organisations must meet the criteria of being legally independent and having a public benefit status.



Are there specific expectations regarding the project’s scale and its budget?

Project scale and budget size need to be consistent and compelling. 

What is the time period of the project?

Projects can be granted funding for a period of 18 months, starting from November 2021 onwards. Extensions are not planned. 

Can applications be saved as a draft while working on them?

Yes, incomplete applications can be saved as a draft while working on them. Only registered users can make use of this functionality (click here to register). Please make sure your application form is fully filled out and the budget template uploaded before sending the application. Only complete applications will be considered. The application portal closes on June 6th.

Based on the budget template, the activities that look eligible for funding are staffing, external expert, transportation, training and procurement. Which costs are (not) eligible?

We have no rules for the eligibility. We will evaluate the proposal and budget together in terms of cost efficiency and feasibility. 

Can sub-titles be added in the budget format? (e.g. activities, promotion, etc.)

An activity-based budget is not allowed. Please follow the format of the budget proposal template. 

Shall a separate document be prepared with a narrative explanation of each budget line, or shall we do the narrative in the budget lines directly?

Not at this point. In case your project gets selected, we will ask you to complete a more detailed project proposal before the grant agreement can be closed. 

Is it possible to receive the application form in PDF, before filling in the form online?

No, but organisations interested in applying to the Fund can create a user account at the webpage and save their application as a draft while still working on it. 

In the budget template there is column dedicated to “Own Funds / Third party financing in EUR”. Should this be also filled in?

Only if the project you are proposing will be financed also by other parts/donors beside GIZ you have to complete these lines. If the project will be exclusively funded by GIZ you do NOT have to provide any information in this part of the budget sheet. 

Are awards eligible costs? (Awards in the sense of contributing to the sustainability of project activities)

No, they are not. 

What is understood under “material good” and how high can the costs for this budget line be?

This might be, for example, training materials, printouts, technical equipment. Catering for workshops, on the other hand, are considered training costs. Purchases of material goods can only be





Must/Can external consultants be GIZ experts?

No, GIZ staff cannot be external experts in your project.

Is there a Pro Bono Advisory Support who can create a project proposal once an organisation has a compelling idea?

No, unfortunately not.

Can International NGOs apply for Funding line 1?

No, international NGOs are not eligible for Funding line 1. They  are eligible, however, for Funding Line 2. 

Are state / non state organizations eligible for funding line 1?

Both state and non-state organisations can apply for funding under funding line 1. Please take into account that all participating organisations must be legally independent and have a public benefit status. This will be reviewed as part of the application process and applies to all involved organisations (e.g. those that receive sub-grants through the contract).  

Is the affiliation to the Global Forum of National SDG advisory bodies compulsory in order to be eligible for funding line 1?

No affiliation to the Global Forum as network is needed. However, the proposal must address the value added of multi-stakeholder advisory engagement and processes for delivery of the SDGs.  

After the application is closed on June 6th, what are the next steps for those organizations selected for a grant?

In case your proposal has been selected, you will be informed about the next steps as soon as possible via e-mail. Any updates relevant to all applicants will also be posted on our website. In case we have further questions about your proposal during the selection process, we might as well reach out to you. Once the selection process is finished and decisions about funding made, all chosen organisation must submit a complete project proposal and a final version of the budget template (in case a modification is needed), before the Grant Agreement is subscribed.